Sabtu, 12 Juli 2014

School Fees Set After Idul Fitri

Head of Department of Education (Education Department) Prof. Pekanbaru Zulfadil instructed all schools to set tuition fees for new students after Eid. Determination of such costs through joint school committee meeting with the parents to establish the cost of the money committees, as well as the development of uniform.

"Had we instructed him concerning the determination of these costs are not burdensome new students. Do not current, the determination should be after Eid and schools have to follow, "said Zulfadil Thursday (10/7) yesterday.
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According Zulfadil, all public schools in the city of Pekanbaru new Committee will conduct the meeting after Eid. Unless SMAN 8 Pekanbaru first set the cost.

"In addition to SMAN 8, other schools should be after Eid alone, so as not to burden the parents and committee meetings can be concentration," he explained.

In the committee meeting, further Zulfadil, the parents and the committee must reach agreement on the establishment of a new student fee.

This Imbaun also welcome school parties. Deputy Curriculum SMAN 1 Pekanbaru Azmer Yusuf said the new committee meeting will be held after Eid.

"So there has been no determination, meeting just has not been implemented, the plan after Eid. Indeed, news of SMAN 8 Pekanbaru is our concern.

We plan will negate uniforms, let alone new students who buy their own, "said Joseph in Riau Pos.

While the cost of improving the quality of education in SMAN 1 Pekanbaru, the chances are still there, but Joseph claimed not to know how much.

"These costs will be convened after Eid. Currently there is not an establishment, so our school could not estimate how much it costs, "added Joseph.

The same was done SMKN 3 Pekanbaru. New students at the school immediately preoccupied with the process of learning. "It has been learned since the first time to go to school," said one new student named Iwan SMKN 3. Read: Kata kata selamat idul fitri

Iwan also told about the payment of the cost of development and there has been no uniform money issued by the school. So he said he did not know how much these cost. "There is no pay to pay,'' he said. (Ilo)

Jumat, 20 Juni 2014

List of Applications 'World Cup' for BlackBerry

List of Applications 'World Cup' for BlackBerry

Along with the World Cup 2014 football fans certainly do not want to miss a news update, scores, and the latest games.

Well, for BlackBerry device users seem to be happy for some great football app available in the BlackBerry World.

The following applications for the biggest football game:
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Team Stream (Bleacher Report)-You can choose and follow the stream of your team pride and personal access to streams for scores, news, videos and photos from all sports excellent resource in cyberspace. Wherever you are, Stream Team will make you feel being in Brazil is important to get the news instantly.
Goal ( - mobile application will give users the latest news direct from reporters from all over the world. Do not miss a single goal or a piece of news from the football world with exclusive content. Awesome features including: direct access (real time) to the important news at; Direct comments during a match; Twitter updates directly; share content via e-mail and BBM, and more!
Hooligans (Najib Abdillah, a local developer from Indonesia) - Football Hooligans is a companion application for football fans. This is a must have app if the user wants to support your favorite team in the country as they compete in Brazil. Take photos selfie and Hooligans application will add a flag or icon images directly to your favorite team photo of the user. Show your spirit and support your club by sharing pictures patriotic with friends through BBM or your rivals!
July Cup (S42) - June Applications App will be a friend for football fans busy. Get immediate access to the game, with instant results and statistics, alerts with news headlines, share via social media and others. Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and the unique design and beautiful, June Cup is the best choice to always update when your team is playing in the Brazilian courts.
TheFanKit (Sensebyte Mobile) - Whether you're a fan, a big fan or a football fan? Choose your level and enjoy TheFanKit function of this application and get the necessary features. Start of personalized wallpapers and ringtones on the user device, to get the latest news from your favorite team. TheFanKit your life can be a clue in the biggest football game!
While for those who want to play football following is an interesting game for BlackBerry users:

World Football: Real Flick Soccer 14 (Thunderbull) (Read : harga blackberry curve 8520 gemini )
Shot Tricky Soccer (DreamAppsLab)
Football Director 2014 (Marmalade Play)
Training With Messi (Fundacion Leo Messi)
Metegol (Compana digitales de Medios SA)
In addition to the application, BlackBerry users can also preach the football team supported by the fuel to my friends and family. This can be done ranging from stickers, Channels fuel, and fuel card PIN, and many options to show team pride users.


Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014

Russian Ukrainian Press Ask U.S. Military to Cease Operations

Russian Ukrainian Press Ask U.S. Military to Cease Operations

MOSCOW - Foreign Minister ( Secretary ) of Russia , Sergei Lavrov , urged the United States ( U.S. ) to temporarily suppress the Ukrainian government to halt its military operations . This was said by telephone Lavrov told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday, May 30, 2014 .

Launched by Reuters on Saturday ( 31/05/2014 ) , Lavrov urged the U.S. to encourage the authorities in Kiev to immediately halt military operations and begin negotiations immediately with ( representatives of ) the separatists .

An attack was launched after the Ukrainian government separatist group trying to seize the international airport in Dontsk from government troops . But the government refused to give the army the airport and eventually war broke out .
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Ukraine mounting anger after separatist group shot down a military helicopter belonging to Ukraine . Akibiatnya , approximately 14 soldiers and also a general reported killed .

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko vowed to punish those responsible for shooting the helicopter . Ukraine also promised to provide military pressure against the separatists .

Minister of Defence of Ukraine , Mykhilo Koval , also confirmed troops Ukrainian government will continue military operations until the border region back to normal .


Selasa, 27 Mei 2014

Five Party Chairman Canda Full Support Jokowi-JK

Boisterous and playful atmosphere coloring the chairman of the meeting agenda five political parties that support Joko Widodo - Kalla presidential election of 2014. Aura so feels optimistic won the election and no scent without the slightest tension .

Fifth chairman of a political party that is Megawati Sukarnoputri ( PDI - P ) , Surya Paloh ( Nasdem Party ) , Muhaimin Iskandar ( PKB ) , Wiranto ( Hanura ) , and Sutiyoso ( PKPI ) . The fifth party is supporting Jokowi - bearers and JK in this election year .
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Containers that brings the fifth chairman is Nasdem Party National Meeting , which was held in Ancol , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) . In this event , Jokowi - JK also present . The atmosphere suddenly hectic when all of it into the general chairman of the event space . Not long ago , Jokowi - JK came together and sat right next to Megawati .

As host , Paloh get the first chance his political speech . Although time one mentions the name Megawati became Rachmawati , enthusiasm of participants in a speech Paloh remains high . Paloh also specifically asked Megawati give applause for his speech . Megawati and smiled , as well as from the top of the podium Paloh .

After Paloh , Muhaimin known as Cak Imin got a chance to speak . Aloud , he promised to give a minimum of 12 million votes for Jokowi - JK on election later . " Mega , the missing son will give 12 million votes for the winning Jokowi - JK , " he said .

Cak Imin using the phrase " lost son " to recall the statements of Megawati . Some time ago , Megawati had disclosed that he was entrusted Cak Imin by Abdurrahman Wahid or Gus Dur .

Not to be outdone , Wiranto, who got a chance next speech also raised fresh jokes . At the beginning of his speech , he congratulated Nasdem Party who managed to get a new sound , although significantly this year following the election . " Excellent Nasdem was able to beat the ' elder brother ' , " said Wiranto acclaimed National Workshop participants .

Wiranto 's remarks because there Hanura position under Nasdem in the legislative election of 2014. Fact , Hanura had already followed the election and has a support base in almost all regions .

When Wiranto down from the podium , emcee call Sutiyoso to give political speech . Former Jakarta governor admitted hesitate if you have to speak exceed Wiranto as a senior in the military . "He's my boss , so I could talk baseball exceed my boss , " joked Sutiyoso . Hearing that , the party chairman Wiranto and others seemed to be smiling .

As the most senior figure , Megawati had the opportunity last speech . Megawati claimed to be creative in order to determine the theme of his speech is different , fresh , and meaningful . He spent about an hour to make a speech . Many things are presented , ranging from political experience , to the experience during the vice president and president .

Aware that it has been a long speech , Megawati berceletuk , "If I tell you too much , Bang Surya ( Paloh ) later his men can get into the PDI - P . "

Not long ago , Megawati 's speech was over . At the end he said , he called on all parties to seek a carrier for solid - JK Jokowi winning the 2014 presidential election .


Sabtu, 24 Mei 2014

So Proposed Post Office Agent Bank

And the national bank is still difficult to get into the outlying regions in Indonesia . Economist Anton Gunawan , suggested that PT Pos Indonesia could become a banking agent in the area that is not in the bank .

" Post could be an agent bank in the outposts , later nabungnya society in the post office , and do not be burdened with any costs that burden , " said Anton Gunawan in a discussion organized by Bank Indonesia with the theme Towards Economic Growth and Sustainable Quality in London , Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) .

Thus , called Anton , it's easier for people in remote areas access to a bank needs to save money . The system works the same as the distribution of a cash grant from the government . So if people want to save money , do not need to come all the way into town just come to the nearest post office .

Anton mengatakakan , it can overcome the problem of availability of banking infrastructure in areas that are lacking .
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Meanwhile , Bank Indonesia already has a program in order to gain access dipelosok community banks with Digital Financial Services program ( LKD ) . These services use media mobile phone ( cell phone ) to process banking transactions .

" BI 've got LKD , so people can access banking in the corners using the HP , " said Muslim Anwar , Assistant Director of the Department of Economic and Monetary Policy Bank .


Kamis, 22 Mei 2014

Bambang: Corruption Fund Hurting The Candidate Haji Haji

Vice Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission Widjojanto regrets for corruption related organizing Hajj 2012/2013 , the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali ensnare . According to Bambang , the hajj -related corruption is very harmful and injure the prospective pilgrims .

" Corruption is very detrimental to the operation of Hajj and injuring the prospective pilgrims , " Bambang said via text message on Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) .

Bambang hope Suryadharma determination as the suspect could bring about a change in the overall Hajj services . Hopefully, no more use of the remaining quota of Haj which is not in the interests of the prospective pilgrims .

Commission found indications of the use of the rest of the Haj quota for officers and their families . The anti-corruption agency also smelt practice of nepotism in the appointment of the committee organizing the Hajj ( PPIH ) .

" The appointment PPIH who are not professional because it is nepotism and not in accordance with , " he said .
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Commission set Suryadharma as suspects in the alleged corruption organizing hajj 2012/2013 through the investigation warrant signed by the leadership of KPK May 22, 2014 . Commission ensnare Suryadharma with Article 2 , paragraph 1 or Article 3 of the Law on Corruption Eradication (Corruption ) in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph 1 in conjunction with Article 65 of the Criminal Code One .

Chairman of the United Development Party is under sentence of life imprisonment . Elements in Article 2 paragraph 1 of the Act , among others , is to enrich themselves , others , or financial harm or corporation and the state 's economy . The elements in Article 3 of Corruption Act one of them abuse their authority .

Mode of abuse of power and enrich themselves , others , or corporation who allegedly Suryadharma , among others , by utilizing the initial deposit of funds to pay for Hajj by public officials of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and his family pilgrimage . Among the families who participated diongkosi is the wife of officials of the Ministry of Religion .

KPK also suspect there are price bubbles associated with catering , lodging , and transportation of the pilgrims.


Rabu, 21 Mei 2014

40 Minutes late, Jokowi-JK Arriving at Army Hospital

Mate of the presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate - Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla arrived at the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital in Central Jakarta , at 07:40 , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) . Both were late arriving at the hospital to undergo medical tests were scheduled at 07.00 pm .

Jokowi - JK arrived at the army hospital with a car ride . Arriving at the location , JK Jokowi directly toward building the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital Medical Check Up Soebbroto .

They just waved to reporters who had been awaiting his arrival .
( read: kenari sanger dan mozambik )

In medical tests as candidates for the 2014 Presidential election , Jokowi - JK will undergo 14 types of examination .

Examination will be undertaken of which include psychiatric examination , physical examination , oral examination , and investigation on the indication .

On psychiatric examination , presidential and vice presidential spouse will be examined by a team of psychiatrists who had been prepared .

They will undergo interviews for approximately 1.5 hours before carrying out further investigation .

Meanwhile , a physical examination includes examining the disease , heart and blood vessels , lungs , surgery , urology , ortopodi , neurology , and eyes .